Breakdown or Breakthrough?

We have wandered too far off track.

We need to get back to the heart of things: caring for ourselves and others (whether we know them or not). How we treat the “least among us” says a lot about the heart of our values. We can do better. We need to take care of our planet and treat its inhabitants with kindness. We need to strive to fill our lives with meaning, not stuff. … More Breakdown or Breakthrough?

Can Women Have it All?

So, can women have it all?

I circle back to that question. I guess it depends on whether you prefer to savor one beautiful meal or devour a whole table of food. In both instances you are eating, but who is really enjoying the process? At the end of all this, I am struck by the idea that although there are some women who manage to have a man, a family, a career, and time for themselves – those who do are rare, and those who do often have a lot of help.

My mother told me a few years ago that “women can have it all; just not all at once.” … More Can Women Have it All?

Cultivating Gratitude

Writing about what we truly appreciate about our circumstances, even when they are challenging, is the first step to finding a calm, centered place of peace inside ourselves.

It allows us to truly see our fortune as human beings. Focusing on developing and maintaining an “attitude of gratitude,” does wonders for our ability to see how truly wonderful (full of wonder) our lives are. … More Cultivating Gratitude

Walking Meditation

I first experienced the meditative peace of walking  during the eighteen months I lived with my mother after my father’s death.  My friend Cathleen and I walked the wooded pathways of a nearby park three times a week.  We did it for exercise, but also saw it as a chance to talk freely about our … More Walking Meditation

New Beginnings

As human beings, we need rest. We need down time to care for our weary bodies and minds. We need peace and quiet to contemplate our spirituality and our place in the world. We cannot always be crashing like waves onto the shore; we also need to pull back, regroup, and reassess, prior to rushing forward again. … More New Beginnings