Cultivating Gratitude

There is something very cathartic about acknowledging the blessings we have.  Writing about what we truly appreciate about our circumstances, even when they are challenging, is the first step to finding a calm, centered place of peace inside ourselves.  It allows us to truly see our fortune as human beings. Focusing on developing and maintaining … More Cultivating Gratitude

Walking Meditation

I first experienced the meditative peace of walking  during the eighteen months I lived with my mother after my father’s death.  My friend Cathleen and I walked the wooded pathways of a nearby park three times a week.  We did it for exercise, but also saw it as a chance to talk freely about our … More Walking Meditation

New Beginnings

September, for me, is a time of new beginnings.  As a kid I loved September because the days started to cool, leaves on  maple and oak trees began to change color, the air took on a moist earthy tang, and a new school year began.  This month I am reflecting on the subject of rest … More New Beginnings