Look Homeward, Angel

I’ve loved this experience but I love the life I have, too.

It has been revelatory and heart-opening.

And now I want to go home. I want to go back to the familiar comforts and glorious sunrises and breathtaking wildness of Northern NM.

This way of life in Barcelona has been about being, much more than doing.

And I can take that sense of how to approach life home to NM.

I want less doing and more being, as a new friend said recently in a Facebook post.  … More Look Homeward, Angel

Je ne regrette rien – No regrets

When I first moved to New York City (in my twenties) I covered the wall next to my bunk bed with postcards of lost luminaries in the field of music: Buddy Holly, Billie Holiday, and Edith Piaf, among others. I was studying music at the time, and Piaf’s rags-to-riches story appealed to me.  I had … More Je ne regrette rien – No regrets