Fly Your Freak Flag, Proudly

Be a freak. Be a big weirdo.  Proudly wear your unique and unrepeatable and luminous light out into the world. Don’t let anyone tell you you cannot do what you’ve set out to do. Others are already doing ‘it,’ so why not you? (‘It’ might be writing a marvelous book, or starting a yoga studio, or … More Fly Your Freak Flag, Proudly

Let the Water Take You

Let the Water Take You The theme this week seems to be loss and letting go, which have been the overarching themes of the past several years, if you’ve been paying attention. At. All. We’re back in our hip boots, standing in a fast moving current, nearing the point where the water will sweep us off … More Let the Water Take You

The Journey of a Thousand Miles

And so it begins. Seeing Light. Everywhere. Seeing doors everywhere. Seeing my way through. At last. While I’ve been recovering from the various and sundry ailments of the past few months, I’ve started to brew up some big plans, which I will be acting on during the next four or five months. One of those … More The Journey of a Thousand Miles

A Pearl Beyond Price

In Memory of June White, 1931 – 2015. Reason to believe. There’s a reason. There’s always a reason for everything we experience. We may not like the reason. We may rail against it. We may gnash our teeth and weep over it, but there’s always something to learn, something to uncover, something to unearth, no matter … More A Pearl Beyond Price