Cultivating Gratitude


There is something very cathartic about acknowledging the blessings we have. 

Writing about what we truly appreciate about our circumstances, even when they are challenging, is the first step to finding a calm, centered place of peace inside ourselves. 

It allows us to truly see our fortune as human beings. Focusing on developing and maintaining an “attitude of gratitude,” does wonders for our ability to see how truly wonderful (full of wonder) our lives are. 

Starting a gratitude journal is simple. 

Get yourself a pretty notebook and cover it with pictures of things you love. 

Buy a series of colorful pens to write with.

If you are like me and you prefer to type your journal entries rather than write longhand, you can create a word document that you add to each day, or use journaling software (like Life Journal, ) that is available for purchase. 

Once you have your journal, choose a time of day (evening often works well in terms of reflection) in which to write about what you are grateful for.  

Each day try to list a minimum of five things that make you glad you are alive.

On some days discovering what you are thankful for will be easy. 

On more difficult days, you may simply write things like, “I am thankful for the challenge of my illness, my anger, or my grief.” 

It is relatively easy to be grateful for the victories in our lives, but there are gifts inside our sorrows and losses as well. 

Whether we’ve won the lottery or not, we have reason to be thankful. 

And when we offer up our grateful hearts, we make room for more abundance, love, and sustenance to come our way. 

Gratitude is absolutely crucial. 

Why should Spirit shower us with more if we cannot even see what we already have? Each one of us has a plethora of reasons to give thanks.  That is why keeping a gratitude journal can be a life-altering experience.  Writing down all the ways in which you are truly blessed will transform your life.  Try it.

You will be amazed. 

© 2008 Shavawn M. Berry


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