Grace Notes: What You Focus On, Increases

Whatever we focus on – be it solutions or joy or obstacles or problems – we give our energy to.

We create an alliance with it, whether positive or negative.

The universe is neutral. It will always give us MORE of what we focus on. … More Grace Notes: What You Focus On, Increases

There’s Gold Beneath Your Feet

Be Here Now You may not believe me, but experience has taught me that the more we focus on our circumstances and make note of what’s wrong, what’s less than, what’s not up to par – the more the universe delivers more of the same. By talking incessantly about how awful it all is, you … More There’s Gold Beneath Your Feet

Life’s Coming Attractions

“Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” ~ Albert Einstein Time to Kill Your TV? Even though I don’t watch the news, I can’t help but see and hear some of the horror that filters through to me. It’s impossible not to. Train derailments. Explosions. Chemical spills. A child who is … More Life’s Coming Attractions