A – Z Challenge – Day 10 Spreading Joy, Offering Release I don’t know about you, but it seems high time that we consider embracing the idea of celebrating a Jubilee. The concept of universal pardon and forgiveness seems like a really good idea right about now. Perhaps we should carefully consider letting ourselves off … More Jubilee


    This month, I am challenging myself to write short blog posts (400 words or less) every day as a part of April’s A – Z Challenge. Today is day one. Each day I will be writing about a word from the perspective of this blog. That is, I will be writing  ‘musings on … More Atonement


Each experience comes into our lives to teach us to love ourselves. There is nothing but love. Any experience that causes us pain is there to help us investigate and uncover the ways in which we are not loving and kind toward ourselves. Our lovers, friends, bosses, and colleagues all exist to show us something about ourselves. They act as a clear mirror of our inner life.

What we see of ourselves in their presence is meant to help us to better travel through this life, with love and lightness and joy. We will continue to experience certain sorts of difficulties until we learn the attendant lesson we need to learn. When we do, we are free to forgive and move on. … More Forgiveness