Broken Wing

Fell down. Went boom. So, on August 4th, I fell during a bad thunderstorm while trying to help my dog – who was freaking out. I banged myself up and, unfortunately, broke my right wrist – rendering me unable to write or type. As you might imagine, this is difficult for me! I just wanted … More Broken Wing

Life As Art: A Meditation on Water

I love my olive green watering can.

I love walking amongst the plants and insects, raining down a small spigot of life-giving water.

It feels good – grounding – to be out under the trees, pulling the hose along behind me. It feels good to be standing in wet leaves and seed pods, feet soaked and crusty with dirt.

Thereโ€™s something bruising and beautiful about the simple act of providing water. … More Life As Art: A Meditation on Water