Each experience comes into our lives to teach us to love ourselves. There is nothing but love. Any experience that causes us pain is there to help us investigate and uncover the ways in which we are not loving and kind toward ourselves. Our lovers, friends, bosses, and colleagues all exist to show us something about ourselves. They act as a clear mirror of our inner life.

What we see of ourselves in their presence is meant to help us to better travel through this life, with love and lightness and joy. We will continue to experience certain sorts of difficulties until we learn the attendant lesson we need to learn. When we do, we are free to forgive and move on. … More Forgiveness

Book Geek

It is easy to forget the simple charm of a book. Books allow me to “fall through the page” into a different world. That is what I love about them, the fact that I can travel into deep space or to Hogwarts or to the edge of the South China Sea, all without leaving my chair. I love being challenged to think about the political system in this country, or about the value of silence and solitude (two things I cherish as a writer). I love all that I learn when I read; I love the way I am changed by what I read. … More Book Geek

Declaring My Energetic Independence

It is your mind that creates the world – Buddha Independence Day.  The Fourth of July is an opportunity to take a break at the mid-point of the year and assess our lives.  Generally, rather than simply viewing it as a time to wave the flag, eat too many burgers and dogs, and watch a … More Declaring My Energetic Independence