A Gratitude Prayer

Let Yourself Off the Hook. It’s OK to unplug and disengage from the news of the day, from the horror, genocide, war, poverty and sickness that seem to be everywhere. We aren’t terrible people if we need to sit and look at the sky, silently counting clouds, feeling the wind as it shifts. We aren’t … More A Gratitude Prayer

Just Say No

“Half of the troubles of this life can be traced to saying yes too quickly and not saying no soon enough.” ~ Josh Billings Just say no, and mean it. You won’t ever really say yes to those things, people, and experiences you want in life, if you do not learn to say no to those … More Just Say No

New Beginnings

As human beings, we need rest. We need down time to care for our weary bodies and minds. We need peace and quiet to contemplate our spirituality and our place in the world. We cannot always be crashing like waves onto the shore; we also need to pull back, regroup, and reassess, prior to rushing forward again. … More New Beginnings