Desperately Seeking Silence

Silence is the one place where each person can hear spirit if she chooses to listen. In silence, we can hear the still small voice asking us to forge a luminous, authentic life. We can hear our own heart beating and feel the life that permeates every cell in our bodies. We become aware of our aches and pains, of the ways in which we drive ourselves into the ground always thinking that doing is more important than being. … More Desperately Seeking Silence

Falling Back In Time

I have recently reconnected with a few of the friends I haven’t spoken to or heard from during the past 30 years. These are the friends of my girlhood. Friends who stood next to me as I passed through elementary, junior high, and high school; girls itching to delineate their boundaries, to forge characters and lives outside the confines of suburban life in the 1960s and 1970s. Women now, these girls remember a version of me I have forgotten. And because they remember me, suddenly, I do too. Through their eyes, I remember that pensive waif standing on the periphery of the school yard. I was certain I’d lost her to the dark waters of memory. … More Falling Back In Time

355 Days – For M.

I wonder sometimes when I will stop longing for the outcome to be different between us. I wonder when I will truly accept that there is no “us”. I wonder when I will realize that I made the right choice, the empowered choice; in fact, I made the only choice I could. I know that I need and deserve certainty. I also know that life is not certain, nothing is; certainly not the love of another human being. It is inherently risky, even on a bell-clear day. There is no certainty in whether love will last, whether love will come, or whether that particular love will choose me, above all others. I cannot control the heart that beats in another person’s chest. I can only continually be willing to risk my own heart. … More 355 Days – For M.