The best things in life aren’t things. They are the complex relationships and experiences we are given on a daily basis. Raw, messy, painful love. Heartbreak. Birth. Death. The chance to touch another human being. They are present in our beloved pets, in crisp pink clouds at dawn, and in the wild beauty of the desert swirling with bright stars. They glow inside the limited number of chances we have to tell our mothers (or fathers) we love them. They live inside the quiet willingness we exhibit in risking our hearts, in being seen, in openly giving of ourselves without expectation of a return. … More Initiations

Wise Up

Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness.                      It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.                       ~ Mary Oliver I am thinking this morning of Aimee Mann’s … More Wise Up


“Imagine no possessions.  I wonder if you can.  No need for greed or hunger.  A brotherhood of man.  Imagine all the people, sharing all the world.  You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.  I hope someday you will join us, and the world will live as one.”  ~  John Lennon … More Imagine


This afternoon I watched Pink Ribbons, Inc – Lea Pool’s documentary on the breast cancer industry and the com-modification of philanthropy over the past twenty years.  It is based upon the book of the same name, Pink Ribbons, Inc – Breast Cancer and the Politics of Philanthropy by Samantha King. First and foremost, I watched it to … More Braveheart