It’s OK to not be OK.

Our way of life is dying.
We cannot ‘return to normal.’ Normal is long gone.

We’re in the midst of spiritual surgery.

We’re being split open and dissected and reformed and reassembled as something we’ve never been before.

We’re getting woken up from a long, tumultous, unconscious, irresponsible slumber. … More It’s OK to not be OK.

Create a Beautiful Life

Day 3: A – Z Challenge Be Who You Are. Yesterday, I turned 55. Yeah. (I can’t believe it either.) For my birthday, my 80-year-old artist/quilter/mother extraordinaire created a ‘book’ to celebrate my early life. (She plans to do two more: child and maiden. She told me, “You’ll have to do the crone version yourself … More Create a Beautiful Life

The Journey of a Thousand Miles

And so it begins. Seeing Light. Everywhere. Seeing doors everywhere. Seeing my way through. At last. While I’ve been recovering from the various and sundry ailments of the past few months, I’ve started to brew up some big plans, which I will be acting on during the next four or five months. One of those … More The Journey of a Thousand Miles