It’s OK to not be OK.

Our way of life is dying.
We cannot ‘return to normal.’ Normal is long gone.

We’re in the midst of spiritual surgery.

We’re being split open and dissected and reformed and reassembled as something we’ve never been before.

We’re getting woken up from a long, tumultous, unconscious, irresponsible slumber. … More It’s OK to not be OK.

Swimming in the Deep End

In memory of my Buddhist friend, Miguel, who died on Valentine’s Day. “It is often said that in today’s modern and postmodern world that the forces of darkness are upon us. But I think not; in the Dark and the Deep there are truths that can always heal. It is not the forces of darkness … More Swimming in the Deep End

It’s a Big World: Go See It

I saw this open letter (all italicized portions of this post) from Henry Rollins on Facebook the other day. I beg young people to travel.  If you don’t have a passport, get one.  Take a summer, get a backpack and to to Delhi, go to Saigon, go to Bangkok, go to Kenya… I was reminded … More It’s a Big World: Go See It