This month, I am challenging myself to write short blog posts (400 words or less) every day as a part of April’s A – Z Challenge. Today is day one. Each day I will be writing about a word from the perspective of this blog. That is, I will be writing  ‘musings on … More Atonement

Lunar Eclipse

Tonight into tomorrow, November 28, 2012, is a very important lunar eclipse. Be sure to open your heart and let your dreams fly! Now is the time. I can’t help but feel this is a crucial time to let old garbage go, and ready ourselves for a whole new way of living.  For more information … More Lunar Eclipse

Abandoning the Past

“If I keep a green bough in my heart the singing bird will come.” ~ Chinese proverb After writing about my beloved dog, Belle, last week, she got loose on Wednesday night and scared me half to death.  I thought I might lose her since she twisted out of her harness and ran wild for several … More Abandoning the Past

Taming the Dragon

Our fears are like dragons guarding our deepest treasure. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke The past couple of years have been almost exclusively about conquering, dismantling and letting go of my fears.  I’ve been afraid of so many things.  Risk.  Love.  Success. Failure. I feared if I looked at my own shadow side, it might swallow … More Taming the Dragon