The Summer Solstice: The Turning of the Wheel

At this solstice a very unsettled and confused energy surrounds us. The Sun at zero Cancer is near a retrograde Mercury at 27 Gemini. As we know retrograde planets apply to redoing, relearning and reconstructing, and Mercury, a representative of our awareness and thinking and collectively how information moves between us and how we communicate, … More The Summer Solstice: The Turning of the Wheel


Sleep is the best meditation.~ Dalai Lama A – Z Challenge – Day 26 (Better late than never) Sleep, sleeplessness Lately, sleep’s been fitful and hard to come by. When I do sleep, I awaken every couple of hours, troubled by watery dreams I find myself stewing in. I dream of rivers and tides, slippery stones, … More Zzzzzzzz

Letter to My Former Self

He cut me off at the knees. I was hoping for rescue, resuscitation, relief.  Instead, same-old, same-old. The pattern repeated.

Or so I thought at the time.

But the truth of the matter is, I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and started the soul-work needed to forge a new life. I quit waiting. I rode in on my own white horse and picked up the pieces. I built a handmade life I am proud of — attached or unattached — a life that has me at the center, not on the periphery.

And that was the gift — the pony, so to speak — that was buried in all that sh*t. … More Letter to My Former Self


“You are perfect, to me.” ~ Pink “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” ~ Wayne Dyer I remember the hell that was middle school.   I remember how vulnerable and flawed and f*cked up I felt. I remember getting my period for the first time when I was twelve. … More Perfect


The best things in life aren’t things. They are the complex relationships and experiences we are given on a daily basis. Raw, messy, painful love. Heartbreak. Birth. Death. The chance to touch another human being. They are present in our beloved pets, in crisp pink clouds at dawn, and in the wild beauty of the desert swirling with bright stars. They glow inside the limited number of chances we have to tell our mothers (or fathers) we love them. They live inside the quiet willingness we exhibit in risking our hearts, in being seen, in openly giving of ourselves without expectation of a return. … More Initiations