The Healing Balm of Words: A 12 Week Intensive with by-weekly live sessions



Pre-requisite: Spiritual Writing, Writing to Change the World, or Telling Stories After the Fire writing workshops. (One course.)

This 12-week workshop is designed to help you heal. It starts by helping you to uncover your deepest wounds, clean them (metaphorically), bandage them, and then, take the time to peel away, layer by layer, what truly ails you.

It includes access to a private Facebook Writing Group (Wonderland Writing Workshops), six 90-minute live sessions (scheduled at a time that will meet the needs of the students), an intensive workbook, a suggested reading list, writing prompts, audio recordings, and one half-an-hour feedback session per student during the final two weeks of the course.

Limited to 10 people.

Offered only once per year, in July.

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