Grace Notes: My Solstice Prayer


It’s the winter solstice: the shortest day and longest night in the Northern Hemisphere.

I love this time of year. I love yule. I love hanging twinkle lights all over the house. I love cooking stews and soups and bundling up with a good book, dog sleeping contentedly on my feet.

The solstices (winter and summer) remind me of the seasons and the ephemeral nature of life. They caution that life offers limitless possibilities not unlimited time to pursue them.

Every moment, every day, every sunrise is unique.

I woke up this morning hearing my angels talking.

“Set your intentions for 2017,” they said gently. “Do it today. Make plans. Review your previous ideas. Revisit anything that’s unfinished. Now’s the time to wrap it up and ready yourself for a new year, new plans, new life.”

I was keenly aware that this moist, numinous darkness is the perfect seeding spot for all I want to cultivate next year.

Its lush softness gives me a place to rest, to revive, to rejuvenate before I begin anew.


Earlier today, I listened to a woman channel the white force online and she kept circling back to the notion that we have to stop reinforcing the duality that is tearing up the world. Black and white. Gay and straight. Liberal and conservative.

I asked myself if I could do it.

Could I bow to the Buddha nature in people whose views are antithetical to mine? Could I see their light without feeling like doing so was endorsing their darkness, their anger, their spite?

Could they see mine?

We’re at a crossroads now; it’s so hard to not want to be ‘right.’

Can I let go of my tendency, my desire for vengeance on those whose views are intolerant or hateful?

I wonder how can I grow and embrace true compassion? Not just the idea. The reality of what that really means.

How do I separate what people do and say from who they are?  Can it be done?

Can I see the diamond chalice inside even a person seething with hatred and fear toward me or anyone else who is different?

Am I big enough, spiritual enough, mature enough, open-hearted enough to do it?

It’s a tough gig.

But what’s the alternative?

Constant war until we annihilate all life on the planet?

It doesn’t take a brainiac to realize that’s not an option.

Can we foster peace by starting another war? No.

The woman channel said that all the differences we feel stem from delusion. They are an outgrowth of our inability to recognize what’s true and what’s illusion.

Most of what transpires in this world is a holographic ‘movie’ of the life state of earth’s inhabitants. We project the reality we believe in, onto others, onto the world.

To change things, we must become love warriors, as writer, Glennon Doyle Melton, suggests.

We must transform ourselves into pure love.

I am not saying I know how to do this. I am simply stating I have to try.

I am putting it out there into the collective ether – as the sun starts to fade on the shortest day of the year – and asking you to join me in this, my prayer:

May those who are asleep, awaken.

May those who are hungry, be fed.

May those in grief, find comfort.

May those in darkness, discover light.

May those whose hearts are broken, find solace.

May those who see only differences, perceive only similarities.

May those with fractured families, foster a sense of family with every living thing.

May those who are lost in anger, begin to notice the beauty that surrounds them.

May those who feel stuck realize their capacity to open and grow.

May those who live to fight learn empathy by hearing the stories of others.

May we each uncover or recover our tremendous power, worth, and beauty.

May we fall to our knees in forgiveness and learn how to love one another.

May we realize this always was, and will always be, our birth right.

How can the universe fail to hear such a prayer? Join me.

Raise your voice and join me.


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