Grace Notes: Only Three Things Matter

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In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you. ~ Buddha

Love not fear. Love. Big, juicy, yummy love, babe.

That’s what I want to focus on.

That’s what I want; I want to radiate light out into the endless cosmos.

What do you want to be? How do you want to move through the world?

My “What’s Your Word” assignment requires that you choose one word that represents what you want to see in your life in the coming semester, as a means of introducing yourself to the class. One student chose her word and responded by saying this:

“My words are ‘radiant as fuck,’ because that’s how I want to be. I want to radiate light and love.”

Great hosannas and hallelujahs.


Let’s do that.

Be gentle with yourself and others.

There’s a wonderful video online of a German Shepard licking the face of a mama German Shepard just after she gave birth to a whole pile of pups.

It’s so tender and real that 30 million people have watched it.

That’s what we should focus on.

The world has enough assholes and blowhards and dick-swinging psychos to last 100 years. We don’t need to join them in their particular brand of hell.

Be gentle. Practice loving kindness.

Send a thank you card. Buy the person behind you at Starbuck’s a cup of Joe.

What else are we here for, if not to be kind?

It costs nothing but it multiplies the good.

And we need the good. We need it.

Clean up what’s yours and sweep the rest away.

If someone is unkind to you, make a note of it. If they are consistently unkind or unfair or mean, get thee away from them.

As the great t-shirt maker in cyberspace has pointed out: You are not the jackass whisperer.

If you are not treated with grace and love and dignity, find somewhere else to hang out.

We were each born as perfectly formed vessels of grace.

However, sometimes we make a mess.

Sometimes we choose the wrong person. Sometimes we trust but don’t verify.

If that’s the case, clean it up and make a break for it.

Sweep up your heart and start over.

We’re here to learn to love each other. If you are ever uncertain of that, find something to be grateful for and focus on that.

Be open to messages that you hear or see.

Good is calling your name. Gentleness has you in its sights.

Let go of anything that is not kind.

Believe there is grace wherever you are and you’ll find it. You will.

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