Quieting the Storm Within


In a loud world, quiet is a balm.

We all need it for restoration, for review, for replenishment. We need its inherent calm. We need to foster the ability to slow our lives down. We need to let it peel back our skin and reveal the workings, the muscles, the veins, and the thick soup of the life underneath.

Some of us are afraid of getting quiet.

Some of us long to escape that echo chamber, pumping with the sound of our own thoughts.

We recoil from silence because it reveals whatever it is we’ve long neglected in ourselves. It makes the guts of our losses, confusions, hurt, and anger float to the surface of our consciousness, where we have no choice but to face them.

If you never get quiet, you never walk the backroads of your soul.

You are largely a stranger to yourself.

You cannot know your own heart without embracing silence.

Silence allows you to percolate.

It gives aroma and flavor and taste to life. It adds contrast.

In a culture that absolutely worships noise, this need for solitude, silence, reverence, and mystery is often overlooked and undervalued. To our detriment.

Inside the quiet rooms of our minds are the answers we seek.

What’s troubling you has a cure.

Quiet down.


Find out what your life has always known.

© 2016  Shavawn M. Berry All rights reserved

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