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The Sleep by Catrin Welz-Stein

“We are not alone on this venture. Assisting forces are collaborating all the time. Even now, as you read these words, many saints and bodhisattvas are gathering to help you. They are attracted to the hearts of those who want to wake up and love more. They are the guardian angels who accompany us over the bridge we notice is unstable and perilous but nonetheless decide to cross.” ~ David Richo, Shadow Dance

In my darker moments, I sometimes forget that none of us are truly alone on this life journey. We feel alone – sometimes quite a bit – but we never really are.

There are benevolent forces who are with us each step of the way.

They guide us and assist us. They’re always around.

The thing is, we have to ask them to help us — through direct address, prayer, guided writing, or even my favorite, the desperate plea. (I am not so good at picking up signs that indicate something is going amiss until things are rather desperate. Maybe you are not so thick.)

They will not step in without our first making a request for help. Free will and all. We are entitled to make our own mistakes, step in shit, and put our lives in danger.

Our angels can’t prevent our stumbles through life, although they will intervene if we can manage to drop a request for assistance.

Then, they spring into action on our behalf.

Years ago in Los Angeles, archangel Michael visited me.

I was miserable, angry, depressed. My life had taken a dark turn during grad school and I felt bereft. I remember coming home from school on the city bus — miles of road between me and the apartment I shared on Spaulding Avenue in the Melrose district — and realizing that the billboards I passed had messages of encouragement. I don’t remember the details, just the fact that the gist of the language emblazoned on the sides of the road said things like, “Wishes are dreams you wish to come true,” and “Just Do It,” and “Now’s the time.”

I arrived home and fell into bed, still not realizing those messages really were for me.

I fell asleep. As I dozed I suddenly felt a presence in the room. Even though I could see no one, I started to sob, face in my pillow.

The presence climbed into bed with me and folded me up in his arms. I’d never felt so safe.

Perhaps I imagined it. Or perhaps the archangel Michael was actually there. I vote for the latter interpretation.

I woke up the next day feeling hopeful.


Something shifted and healed. He was there.

After that, I met angels at bus stops and in public parks. I overheard a message I needed, just when I most needed to hear it. I found the exact book containing the answers to my questions, on the floor at the back of the bookstore.

The messages were, indeed, everywhere.

I began to ‘talk’ to my guides on paper, which is for me, the most natural way to receive messages. How do I know if the message is from my guides? I know if it makes me feel good. I know if it is full of light.

The snark-pack in the back of my mind doesn’t write me messages to encourage me or lighten my load. Instead, they offer a chorus of “Who do you think you are?” and “What makes you think that will work?!” 

I know that I can ignore them because the messages they blurt out are never for my highest good.

Those from my guides are.

So, believe that you are surrounded by a tribe of messengers who love you and want to foster and protect you all of your days. Believe them when you get an intuitive message about the motives of a particular person or the dark energy of a group. Walk away when your angels say things like “Snake in the grass,” when you meet your new boss. (That really happened to me! And she was a snake in the grass.)

We have a whole team of angels who travel with us and offer us aid whenever we call out and ask.

Because of them, I am no longer afraid to stand under the dark stars and make a wish, ask for assistance, or reveal a fragile, secret dream.

I know they can hear me.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful experiences. Angels have been , are and will be my best companions.

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