Life as Art: What Matters?

Art by Marta Orlowska

Cricket song matters. Two new tigers born into this world matter. Their birth gives me hope. It matters. Each squalling baby matters. (Whether human or animal.) Each story matters. Acting as witnesses and scribes to our time on earth matters.

Sure, we may be nothing but a bright flash or a speck of energy in the long stream of human history, but that matters to me.

It matters that I am writing. That I am riding these waves of change. Even if all I ever do is change one heart. Even if all I do is offer solace or love or care to just one person, and that person is changed because I was here (as I have been changed by the presence of others), I have been a success.

I have made a difference. I have mattered.

We matter. What we do and say and make and dream can change things. It does change things. It will change things for the better.

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