The Journey of a Thousand Miles

10858487_10204575821828191_2380620331922281524_nAnd so it begins.

Seeing Light. Everywhere. Seeing doors everywhere. Seeing my way through.

At last.

While I’ve been recovering from the various and sundry ailments of the past few months, I’ve started to brew up some big plans, which I will be acting on during the next four or five months. One of those plans — the plan to walk the El Camino de Santiago this summer — will require a large commitment of time to prepare for. I am also starting a new book on writing as well as compiling a manuscript and writing a book proposal for another book — both of which will also require a significant time commitment. I have professional commitments to attend to besides teaching, so this spring is going to be quite busy. 

Sharing the process journey…

As a result, I will be writing fewer traditional posts here and instead, giving status reports on my progress, as I move forward with these plans.

I am a bit superstitious about ‘talking about’ my writing while I am up to my elbows in the process, so I won’t be gabbing about the contents of these projects, so much as providing a window to anyone who is interested, into my writing and creative process.

Why I do what I do.

I’ve written from time to time about my love for language, my fascination with words, and my genuine belief in their power to heal. To me, that is what the next few months of my life are about. I’ve been quite ill (mostly due to terrible sleep apnea) for the past fifteen to twenty years. Apparently, I’ve stopped breathing more than 15 times each hour as I tried to sleep. I didn’t know that was the problem. I often thought it was depression or ennui or iron poor blood.

Now, I am ten days into a period of actual rest due to treatment for the disorder, and I can tell you, sleep (real, deep, restorative sleep) will cure what ails you.

I feel a bit like Gulliver, waking to find his whole world changed.

Gulliver's Travels via Deviant Art
Gulliver’s Travels via Deviant Art

And I am listening to the heartbeat of my life, and heeding its call for, perhaps, the first time in my life.

What’s it telling me?

It’s insisting on a spiritual journey this summer, a health journey this spring, and a writing journey through both.

As the opening bell peals, I am excited. Terrified. Filled with joy. Hopeful.

I will let you know what I find out.

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