Wonderland News: 50,000 Reasons to Celebrate


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

About two weeks ago, this blog quietly crossed the 50,000 page view mark.

I noted it on my Facebook page with much shouting and glee, but I realize I forgot to mention it here. I want to offer a profound and heartfelt thank you to each person who visits Wonderland – whether by accident or because you’ve read my work elsewhere and come here to see what’s up. This blog has been a place of solace and growth for me over the past two-plus years. I come here to reflect, ruminate, wonder, ponder, and find out what I know.  That may sound strange — but the writing process actually helps me sift my thoughts and feelings — and allows me to see a pathway through these dark woods. I find out what I know and what I think and what I feel as I write.

That said, these ruminations will soon become a book, and likely, a writing workbook as well. To start that process, I have put together a new website and will be adding products, workshops, online courses, and books to the mix there, as well as posting regularly in Wonderland, on tumblr, on twitter, and in The Writing Life, a new microblog that I will be sharing every Wednesday starting in November. The WordPress site that is Wonderland now, will continue to exist, at least for a while. However, I encourage you to visit my new website and sign up for my Song Sparrow newsletter and all the latest from the blog through the Contact Me page or the Subscribe block for the blog, so that we don’t lose touch as I make this transition. Everything that is here in Wonderland has already migrated over to the website.

Consider it the ‘new and improved’ version of my vision as an artist. I am excited and extremely proud to share it with you!

More Changes Coming.

Although I pride myself on getting this blog out every week, the past couple of months have been challenging due to changes in my life. I am about to start caring for an aging parent — my mother — and as a result I have been busily (frantically) preparing my house for her arrival. It has been quite a job. If you’ve read this blog much, you’ve met her here many times as I’ve navigated my relationship with her as she ages. She’s due here in a couple weeks, and after that things should settle down with regard to my usual weekly posts. I may switch the day to Sunday, but one way or another, I’ll choose a deadline that works for my current schedule and get back on this horse!

I currently have a very heavy teaching load (until December) so the new classes, workshops, editing and mentoring I plan to offer will likely roll out just after the first of the year. If you are interested in taking a writing course from me (online) or a local (Arizona) workshop (or a workshop gathering in another city), absolutely contact me! I will be setting up my schedule for all of 2015 in the next couple of months. I am also available to do short editing gigs and to mentor writers who want to develop their voice and style.

In the meantime, besides visiting me on my website, feel free to peruse my work on The Anjana Network (three posts per month), Be You Media Group (two posts per month) and Rebelle Society (two posts per month). My work is also available on Paperblog.


Thank you again for finding whatever electronic or spiritual or emotional breadcrumbs that brought you to Wonderland.

Fall in. I am so glad you’re here.

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  1. I tired to sign up for the Song Sparrow newsletter and got an error message…unable to send message, storage service not configured.

    Sent with regards from my iPad


    1. Thanks for letting me know. I have it set up to go to Google Drive, but I guess I need to revisit that! In the meantime, you can send your info to my gmail account at shavawnberry@gmail.com. Apologies for the problem!

      1. It is now fixed. You can subscribe to the newsletter from the contact me page, or send a message and be added to the list. Thanks so much for alerting me to the issue!!!

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