Magic, Madness, and Mistakes

Sherlock Stark via Tumblr
Sherlock Stark via Tumblr

A – Z Challenge – Day 13

Life is meant to be lived.

Most of us spend a lot of time worrying about making mistakes — as if we could actually make our way through all the rooms of life without mucking things up a few (thousand) times.

We pretend we’re wheelin’ and dealin’ our way through our days, smooth as a god damn Santana song.


Keep telling that tall tale.  How’s that workin’ for you? 

Most of the time, instead of the supposed perfection we’re cooking up, we’re actually fumbling around making a beautiful mess of pretty much everything.

I keep reminding myself:

Mistakes are part of the gig.


Sleight of hand. Tricksters. Laying all our cards on the table.  

Or not.

Good Madness.

Let’s whip up some down-home nuttiness, some certifiable crazy.  

If we always color inside the lines, we will never see where anything might take us.

The road not taken and all that.

Don’t be afraid to stretch.  Don’t carry a compass.  Instead, stick a pin in a map and see where you land.

Fall down the rabbit hole.

Revel in a musky nest.

Every one of us needs several side orders of tasty, truly toe-curling love-bird kisses with ‘someone who thinks [we’re] wonderful.’

I know I sure do.

Celebrate. It. All.

Life is a big powder keg of bad-ass surprises.  Especially now.

Life should be all that and more. Let’s kiss and go out walking in the rain.

Time for joy. Time for silence and the sweetness of birds.  Time for truffles dusted with cocoa.  

Time to dial it down and drink it all up.

Every. Last. Drop.

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