Austin Bound

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ~ St. Augustine



This week promises another flurry of activity.  I am packing my bags and hitting the road.

First, I head to Austin, Texas for an educational conference.  Then at the end of the week, I fly out to Hawaii to see my twin nephews, my mother, and my brother and sister-in-law.  The boys will turn three on the trip.

Somehow that old Johnny Cash song, Everywhere, comes to mind.  Reality is, I have not been everywhere (not by a long shot) but I do want to keep ticking items off my bucket list.  This week I get to check Austin off that list, as well as check off my desired chance to revisit Maui (for the first time in 29 years).  The last time I was there, I went to spend six weeks with my father and his third wife, the summer after my first year at New York University.  Cyndi Lauper played constantly on the radio.  She Bop and Time After Time and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  We ate too many cheese burgers. We visited desolate beaches and drove up to Haleakala at dawn.  On my Buddhist altar I keep a picture of my father from that trip.  He’s sitting under a palm tree, surrounded by sea grass and yellow flowers. He wasn’t much older than I am now.  I can’t believe he’s been gone for a decade.

Time to unwind

This time I don’t care what I do, as long as I get to spend time with my mom, and two of the most delightful little boys on the planet.

Austin has been on my list of places I’d like to visit for many years.  Mostly for the music scene.  I wonder sometimes if it would not have been a better move for me to go to Nashville or Austin all those years ago, instead of New York.  Both places seem more like hubs for singer songwriters, although I had my moments in New York playing the Speakeasy and Sun Cafe and the Ultra Violet. In any case, I will get a taste of the Austin scene this week. We’re having dinner at a place near the hotel downtown that has live music.  A friend suggested that I go down to Congress Avenue Bridge at dusk and watch the bats take flight (see above photo).  My sense about this trip is that I will be busy at the Austin Convention Center for most of it, but I may see if anyone wants to take a stroll at twilight on either Monday or Tuesday.

Time to renew

I may check in while in Hawaii, or I may wait until I get back.  My friend, J, is watching the doglet and cats while I am away.  So, I will be able to relax.  After the past couple of weeks, that sounds so delicious and decadent.  This is the first spring break in twelve years of teaching that I am actually taking a break.

It’s time.

So, I’ll send a postcard if I have time.  Otherwise, I will let you know what I discover when I get home.  Until then, take care.

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2 thoughts on “Austin Bound

  1. If you get a chance while you are in Austin-which by your writing I assume you wont-check out Cave without a name in Boerne-which is very close to Austin. Are you going to SXSW? I am a travel blogger as well-well growing my travel writing options-I write from the vantage point of a kayak.

    1. Yep, I am at SXSW for the educational conference. I am only here for 72 hours though, so this trip will be spent in the convention center and the hotel. Next time!

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