Simple Pleasures

A spot of earl grey

“You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.” ~ Vernon Howard

This morning, the citrus trees out back are swaddled in sheets, mattress covers, tarps, and comforters.

It is 27 degrees in Arizona.  It is never 27 degrees in Arizona.

The sun is shining but my doglet won’t get out of bed.  She is currently tucked in, under a black and white afghan, snoring contentedly.  The cats have found various hidey-holes in which to curl up and stay toasty.  I’ve finished a pot of French Roast coffee with cinnamon, done my morning prayers, called my mother for our weekly chat, and now plan to guzzle a pot of steaming Earl Grey tea, London-style with milk and Stevia.

This is the kind of day where I might most want to tuck in with a good book (or nice man, if one was on the scene).

Baby, it’s cold out there.  

I’ve gotten spoiled living here in the typically non-existent winter.  School started this week and all the students looked a bit puffy and grim, having left their homes where the weather was awful with the expectation that when they arrived here, they’d be just in time for pool weather. Instead, they found themselves actually having to wear jackets — and pants — god forbid.  I’ve had to diaper my trees in sheets of every shape and size and carry my dog outside to force her to go potty. My feet are blocks of ice.  I wore a turtleneck, long johns, and a huge hat to bed last night, joined by all four cats and a dog that insisted on burrowing deep under the covers.

Despite all this, however, I am reminded how truly blessed I am.  I have a warm home, food, a job I love.  I don’t have much money, but I am rich in other ways.  And other ways are turning out to be more important in the long run.  As the world breaks down, and our ways of being in this new paradigm shift, recognizing the simple joy of a bowl of soup or a batch of warm biscuits or a glass of sweet tea becomes ever more important.

There is a stripping away of everything that is non-essential happening right now.  Breakdown is washing over us.  There is no stopping these changes — although there will be some among us who think that they can be stopped.  They cannot.  We are being re-wired and re-tooled.  This is spiritual breakdown and evolution from the inside out.  Stuff will not fill our emptiness.  Distractions will no longer work.  It is time to live in the moment, cognizant that this is it.  There is nothing else.  Enjoy walking in the crisp air.  Enjoy wearing angora gloves or soaking in a bathtub full of rosemary and Epsom salts.

“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.” ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

Meditate.  Pay attention to your dreams.

Mine are full of birth and death and re-birth:  I find a “baby” I lost.  I am holding a bird about to take flight.  A snake is shedding its skin.

Listen to the “still small voice” within.

Turn off the TV.  Talk to your family.  Play cards and light candles and savor your moments together.  Have sex.  Kiss someone madly.  Revel in being alive.

“Live simply that others might simply live.” ~ Elizabeth Seaton

We are living in astonishing times.  Wake up.  Watch the moon rise.

Live with your heart wide-open. Don’t hold back.  This.

This is it.

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  1. I really appreciate your thoughts. You speak of things that have been on my mind quite a lot lately. It is the simple things that matter. A warm home, love, creativity. Thank you!

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