Happy Birthday Mr. John!

I usually just blog once a week, but I felt like sharing my birthday greeting for Elton here…

My favorite rock ‘n’ roller is 65 today…

I’ve been an Elton John fan for forty years, if you can believe it! I had Tiger Beat photos of him all over the inside of my locker in high school. I traveled to London to meet him (and I did, on three separate occasions). I bought his crappy albums with just as much enthusiasm as the good ones. I saw him with Leon Russell here in Phoenix in 2010…and in Las Vegas in 2005. Before that, everywhere from Seattle to Vancouver to New Jersey to Madison Square Garden. My friend, Maricela Ochoa, and I danced in the aisles there in late eighties…

Yes, it’s been a long wonderful ride following Mr. John. I hope he and David Furnish and their baby have a great day. ♥

(Image of his autograph is from the journal I kept while living in London in 1979, the year I met Elton.)  More pictures and fun stuff can be found on my Pinterest board, Elton John Freak.

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